What brand of men’s backpack is good? Boutique recommended for you

All along, the topic of “making backpack shoulder straps a part of wearing accessories” is a topic that all fashion giants are practicing. The shoulder bag naturally becomes a single item that is closely watched by the trendy men who are both sports and fashion. So what brand of men’s backpack is good, let’s take a look at the most in-person men’s backpack brand in the fashion industry.

1, Calvin Klein

The urban atmosphere from New York’s 39th Avenue is coming, and the overall LOOK reveals the luxury and modern texture. The main color of the orange-red back has a vague gender, and the overall use of durable nylon material to adapt to the busy urban life, the design of the comfortable and practical design includes a cushioned strap and a metal zipper with a lock to ensure The safety of personal belongings.

  1. Saint Laurent Paris

Saint Laurent’s classic backpack has a new breakthrough in material and fashion expression. In the autumn and winter of the 17th series, the retro velvet corduroy is used as a material, and a delicate burgundy red velvet patch is placed on the bag. It is decorated with unique understated embroidery. The overall elegant temperament still reveals the brand’s inherent retro rock atmosphere, which is the best choice for fashion demon men.


3, Burberry

“Don’t stuff things in your pocket, multi-pocket backpacks help me to store it.” This must be the voice of a pragmatic hipster.

Then Burberry’s classic large plaid stitching backpack must match your taste. Full of military style, it has multiple convenient external zip pockets for better storage.



From the unfair fashion grotesque bean “FENDI” to the most iconic brand pattern “Little Monster” as the main point of this shoulder bag. With multi-color mosaic and other crafts to present a slightly cute monster face shape, quirky fun, full of personality. The main body of the bag is spliced with black leather and canvas, and the unique design of the rectangle ensures the practicality of large capacity.



Military elements and camouflage styles have appeared in the flash under a large area. OFF WHITE’s clever and unique approach has applied this popular element to the most practical accessories of the backpack, replacing it with a seductive camouflage accessory. A large area of camouflage dress, but under the influence of brand culture, removed a little serious military style, a little more street-style tone of the West Coast, more in line with the preferences of young people.


6, Dolce & Gabbana

The fashion hegemon seems to have not left Sicily for a long time, still dating back to the history of the Norman dynasty in Sicily. This source of inspiration is drawn from the kings who ruled the Norman dynasty, carefully looking at the backpack, with the promise of Man-style patterns, these designs full of Italian romantic style will make many beauty-loving hipsters fascinated.


7, Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s new designer transforms the brand’s iconic Damier plaid into a deep cobalt blue, yet it never loses its timeless classic luxury. This all-body leather oversized shoulder bag makes you feel like you are no longer sitting in the office, but you are dreaming of becoming an explorer and going up the mountain to find the trend.


8, Balenciaga

The intersection and conflict between the classics and the street will inevitably bring about a shocking aesthetic oscillation, and almost no complete LOOK. Just like a man in a suit and a backpack with a pioneering concept, the solid color tone brings a fresh sense of freshness and a strong sense of street rhythm. We seem to hear that the backpack is also telling a new way to break the traditional aesthetic concept. Language.


9, Supreme

This originated in Manhattan, USA, combined with hip-hop brands such as Hip-hop, and the logo on the red background is not stranger. Nowadays, it is even more irritating to the big names in fashion. This Louis Vuitton × Supreme joint bag shoulder bag must be felt. The combination of the duality of street trends and the luxury of luxury brands, the iconic co-branded LOGO and the passionate red color make him a dream bag in the hearts of fashionistas.