Men’s bags selection and daily use guidelines

Boys’ backpacks are obviously not as stressful as girls. Compared with girls’ requirements for styles, boys pay more attention to the practicality and durability of the bags. Compared with the girls’ requirements for styles, the boys’ bags should be more attention-looking and durable when they are selected. In the selection and daily use of men’s bags, there are two major rules that must be observed. Do you know if you have done it?

1, don’t just help your girlfriend backpack


2, business backpack is not as good as imagined

General business men, must go to the shoulder bag. Especially in the era when such a mobile phone does not leave. It is necessary to hold a computer, a wallet, and a kettle, etc. It is obvious that the general package is not competent, so everyone will choose the backpack.

It may be because of going to school for so many years. So most of you or the backpacks around you, most likely this is:


Or is it like this…


You can choose such a commuter bag, the material is better with leather. Low-key luxury, durable and durable. What’s important is that it can get you out of the “science man” sense of sight. As for the strange so-called fashion rivet bags, stand by.


So, have you done both of these two criteria?

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